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 Why hire a coach? 

​Individuals hire a coach to help clarify a purpose or direction. Others are interested in becoming all they can be, reaching their fullest potential in their leadership role or in their personal life. Finally, individuals understand they can take charge in determining, designing and achieving their goals and objectives in life and for their organization. Their coach “walks” with them as they overcome objectives, set goals and strategic steps and envision a new future. Quite often the individual knows the right answers and simply needs someone to bounce ideas off of and hold them accountable to moving forward. Move from a negative, draining environment to one that is positive, creative and energizing.


What can I expect from the coaching process? 

​Coaching is closely related to consulting. An alliance is formed as the coach “walks” with the client in assessing situations, defining objectives, overcoming obstacles, setting a course of action and accomplishing desired outcomes. It’s the coach’s responsibility to ask in-depth questions to broaden the thinking and assist in opening up to fresh perspectives. Furthermore, the coach provides someone for the client to be accountable to in taking steps toward success. The professional coach possesses a wide-range of extensive experiences in order to respond to questions and challenge thinking. It’s the coach’s role to be completely objective and respond with honest answers to the more difficult questions.



What’s a coaching alliance?​ 

The coaching process involves a working alliance between the coach and the client. The coach brings professional experiences, intuition, questioning and structure to assist an individual in moving toward a realized outcome. The partnership strengthens the commitment to moving forward. A client knows there is someone else in their corner, challenging the thinking in an honest, caring way, and holding the individual accountable for taking the necessary steps.It’s the coach’s responsibility to:  

* Provide a safe, confidential environment to explore and share openly and honestly  

​* Hold you accountable to stated commitments  

* Support you in establishing your goals and objectives  

* Ask clarifying questions  

* Hold authentic conversations even when they’re hard  

​* Share skills and experience to provide fresh perspective


What kind of a time and financial investment can I expect? 

There is no fee for the first one-hour "Get Acquainted Session." If a decision is made to move forward, Alan Bachman will be compensated at $100 per hour for time spent in the coaching process and payable at the conclusion of each session. If necessary, invoicing will be processed monthly and payment is due upon receipt. Hourly rate will also apply to any work performed by the coach by email or phone which substitutes for an in-person session. Cancellation of less than 24 hours may result in a 

one-hour fee.