Conflict is inevitable. How it's managed is what makes a difference.

Conflict coaching and mediation with Alan Bachman can help prepare you for those times in life when conflict happens.

Conflict Coaching


 Conflict coaching is an excellent way to become aware of how you show up in conflict, gain clarity about the situation, and learn how to communicate more effectively.  

Alan  is a certified facilitator of the Conflict Dynamics Profile, an online assessment to learn how you show up in conflict situations. Complete with a development guide and two sessions of conflict coaching.

Mediation Services


 Mediation is a process facilitated by an objective/non-judgmental and impartial facilitator. It provides an opportunity for individuals involved in a crisis of relationship to communicate with one another to clarify the issues, feelings and wants in order to achieve a better sense of understanding. The goal in any conflict situation is to find the best solution for everyone involved. Focusing on the issue(s) rather than the person(s) provides a greater opportunity for discovering solutions. As mediator, Alan encourages and facilitates a challenging conversation while respecting and supporting self-determination. In most cases there is a tomorrow to the relationship. The mediation process allows for experiencing a new/enhanced way of communicating so that any future conflict situations are more likely to be handled productively.

Leadership Coaching


Alan founded ABBachman because he knows how challenging leadership can be each and every day. Coaching is becoming a more common practice as leaders confront the more challenging questions in their role in the organization. For the day-to-day management issues, to thinking about long-term sustainability for the organization, where does one go for brainstorming ideas? When governance or management decisions need to be made, who can a leader consult with to explore possibilities? Finally, when there are those days of questioning leadership best practices, what’s a source for advice?  

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